Things You Learn in The Roller Derby Track

Roller derby is a sport that not only strengthens your thighs but also makes you stronger as a woman. Rolling on the track, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and any aspects that you can work to improve, inside and outside the competition to apply it in your daily life.

Fair Play

Follow the rules in and out of the track. If you’re spending more time on the sin-bin than on the track, it’s time to reconsider your actions. This applies to both to the game and to your life, your personal relationships, work and everything else. If you do not play clean you are eventually going to get kicked out of the game. Though sometimes it is better to take risks than to play safe, remember that reckless behavior should not become a pattern in your life.

Love Yourself

When you fail, you are your worst enemy. That is why it’s so important to keep your morale high, remember that you are important and be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Take care of your body, your relationship with your teammates, run a mile more, drink that glass of water, say no to that second drink, cry, take a day off if you need it. Taking care of yourself is the best way to love yourself.

You’re Worthy

Yes, you’re a worthy asset to your team. The bench coach, the trainers, the players, all of them need you to do what they do, and they love and appreciate you! Maybe you’re not doing so well in your personal life, but your team counts on you and in the derby world, you rock!  The first step to win is believing that it can happen, and betting on you is the best choice.

Slow Down

Sometimes you’ll need to take a break and this is fine. On the game and in your life it’s important to know when it is the time to slow down the game, look around, explore the surroundings before the next play.Recovering from a hard day or an intense practice is just as important as the training itself, recharge your batteries with a yummy meal, take a nap, have a nice bath, a night out with your friends, all of it are acceptable recovery methods. When your head is well rested and clear, paying attention to what is happening around you is easier, and this will give you an advantage so, pausing to regroup your ideas is something that applies in and outside the track. Learn this or you’ll end up falling on your butt!

Team Work

In the game, the real opponent is yourself. The girls on the team have your back, so you should have theirs, don’t be harsh on you because if you fall, your teammates will be there for pick you up, and let’s be clear, you must be there to return the favor, that’s what it’s all about. Being on a team is about taking care of each other without hesitation. So, as you can see, roller derby is more than a sport, is a lifestyle where you are part of a sisterhood and learn valuable lessons for your daily life.


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