Strength Training for Girls

Although currently, the strength zone of the gym is no longer of the exclusive domain of men, strength and muscle training continue to discourage many women from leaving cardio exercises and spending a little time on the weights.

The fear of growing huge and masculine muscles or losing female curves restrains many women who want to lose weight to perform strength training. But, what they don’t know is that when it comes to losing a few pounds or reducing body fat, strength training is the key to long-term success and avoiding the rebound effect. Also, in the case of a derby girl, enhancing the regular skating training with some strength workouts at the gym, will translate into  great advances in your game.

Example of a Weight Routine for Women

The purpose of this weight training routine is to eliminate fat and strengthen muscles. Basically, it makes sure that there aren’t any flabby and loose skin on legs, arms, and abdomen. An excellent thing to do when you skate in tights! It also increases muscular endurance which results in higher bodily strength and muscular power.

It must be considered that, to achieve this effect, each series must be between 8 and 12 repetitions, and the muscle must rest between each series (short intervals between 30 seconds and one minute) and the weight should not fluctuate.

It’s possible to focus on one muscle group each day to do more precise and specific training, without skipping any part of the body or over-working others. For example, you can work out legs on Monday, arms on Wednesday, and abs workout comes on Friday. Within the routine with weights for women, you cannot miss these exercises:

Squats with Bar

The classic squats, but with weight. The initial position is standing with the legs spread, shoulder-width and the bar should be left in front of the body. The knees must be flexed, the torso should be lean on the plank, and the bar must be lifted with both hands. Then spread the legs, with the back always straight. Go back down to complete the first repetition.


Bench Press

It’s a very common exercise for weightlifting routines for men, but of course, it can be adapted to the female needs. Placed face up on the bench with your feet resting on the floor. Grab the bar with both hands at chest height, with the elbows flexed. The arms remain elongated, keeping it perpendicular to the body, you have to hold the weight for a few seconds and descend.


Another of the ‘classics’ of the gym. and a fine addition to the routine of girly weights. Standing with a straight back, take a disc or a dumbbell weight with each hand. Take a step forward with the right leg, bending the knee so the whole body ‘goes down’ and the left knee as close as possible to the ground. It returns to the initial position and the whole movement should be repeated with the other leg.

Bicep curl with bar

This workout is ideal to have nice well-marked biceps. Standing in front of the bar, take it with both hands, in front of the body and palms forward. Flex the elbows while the wrists rotate. The idea is that the palms ‘touch’ the shoulders. The twisting should be done slowly to avoid any injury or pain. Keep it for a few seconds and extend the arms.


Finally, use a disc to make the exercise ‘more difficult’ and the belly can tone up more quickly. It’s possible to do any routine you prefer, as long as you hold the weight well with your hands or tighten up your abdomen, so getting those killer abs won’t be an issue for you, remember, the stronger you are, the more difficult it will be for your foes to take you down, but, everything with moderation.


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