Skates, Protection, And a War Name. Ready for Roller Derby?

A pledge of this female contact sport needs to know the rules, the training, and the requirements to be ready to start rolling. Not everything is as easy as choosing a war name and bringing out your most colorful outfits, there are several things you have to keep in mind before diving into the derby world and hitting the track in your first bout.

The first impression of fresh meat watching practices is that there are a bunch of girls on roller skates on a track pushing each other while wearing colored tights, the truth is that roller derby is much more than that. Many believe that keeping balance on a pair of quads is enough, like those they used for playing when they were little girls. Nothing further from reality.

The Skates

If you want to start in the derby world, the first thing you should distinguish is that there are many different kinds of skates, and consider that, although you can learn to roll on any type of quad skates, to actually practice roller derby you’ll need a model specially designed for the requirements of this sport.

The skates for roller derby are the quad type of low boot, very resistant and fitted to achieve greater speeds. Due to the maneuvers that players do on the track, many skaters usually use sole pads to protect their purchase.

The wheels and brakes can be replaced to fit the specific needs of each competitor. For example, if you are a Jammer you’ll need speed, but if you are a Blocker you’re looking for stability. In specialized stores, it’s possible to find out about the options available in the market.

The Gear

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the only thing they’ll need is skates that fit well, truth is certain protective equipment is necessary to roll. Let’s go over to the most basic equipment that any derby girl should get before rolling:

A set of knee and wrist guards are a key complement to skate. Think that, sooner than later, you’ll hit the ground and your hands and knees will be the body parts that are going to take most of the impact. With a knee brace or wristband, you avoid not only scratches but also injuries that can keep you from the sport for a long time too.

The helmet is also very important when we use skates. Not only because it protects your head on a slip and possible impact, but it also gives you confidence, which can slightly reduce fear and this will help keep on advancing during the learning process.

Finally, the mouth guard. Remember that roller derby is a contact sport and hits are usual, you don’t want to leave the track toothless. In general, it’s important that, as in any sport, injuries and wounds are on the table, the ideal thing is being safe and reducing the consequences to the minimal.

The War Name

It needs to be sexy, and at the same time, tough. Many girls find inspiration to choose a name in funny pop culture references, like cartoon characters, band names, and other sports personalities. Keep your eyes open, inspiration could be anywhere.


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