Self-Motivation Tools to Turn Rolling into a Habit

When you’re starting to skate (or practice any other sport), it’ll be tricky to establish a habit to train regularly. Check these motivational tips to find the strength to put on your skates on those dark days when the muscles are sore and the moral low.

Having Trouble to go skating?

Good purposes are good only as long as they are fulfilled, if not they become ghosts that chase us in the self-flagellate hour. For most people, motivation comes and goes. It starts with great enthusiasm and with time is fading, avoid that. If you fail to go skating after work, but afterwards you are regretting the time thrown in front of the TV or connected to Facebook, here are some tips to self-motivate and going skating.

Find Your Own Reasons

It’s advisable to be clear about your basic motivation to go skating: Is it fitness? Expanding your social life through skates? Just for fun? Depending on this, the motivation will be greater or lesser, to the extent that you can achieve your goal by other means. If your reason for skating is just skating and nothing else, try to visualize reachable goals as in Stand skating 30 minutes in a row, learn to brake or turn right… The more concrete and smaller the goal, the easier it is to visualize it and to achieve it. Embrace your limits and try to defeat them with baby steps.

Make Commitments

Sometimes is easier to fulfill others than ourselves, so, commit with others! Set “skate dates” with other skaters, sing up to a skating team, no matter the style you like, you can start at your local roller derby league (wink, wink), also, going to events like races or roller derby matches can be a nice inspiration and a tool to set new goals.

Set Goals

Make a list of goals you want to achieve in a certain time. Things you can accomplish with your current fitness level within a reasonable period of time. Also, monitor your achievements, compare a moment in the starting point (when you started skating) and the current (when you already skate regularly).

Get in The Mood with Mental Tricks

Sometimes, self-motivation consists in reliving positive sensations by remembering good moments that impel us to want to live them again. Especially when we play with something that makes us uphill. Then you can brighten the mood a bit by remembering achievements and good things. It’s a little artificial, but it helps at the moment.

Expand the Spectrum of Skate Related Activities

Share the fever! Follow skaters on social media, read blogs, watch skater movies, if you’re a storyteller share your experience, participate on forums, dive deep on this passionate world, be a true enthusiast of your hobby and embrace it.

Pamper Yourself

Buy that nice set of wheels, that sticker for the helmet, or any piece that completes or improves your gear; any small detail related to your hobby will make you feel good and confident about it. Enjoy every minute of it and regret nothing!


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