Are You Afraid of Skating?

A little fear helps to the extent that it helps you avoid follies and putting yourself at risk foolishly. But there are many older skaters who do not get to let go because they skate with fear. That is obviously a vicious cycle: As they are afraid, they do not let go; and as they do not let go, they cannot skate with ease, and because they do not skate well they fall and confirm their fears…

As in everything, when fear prevents progress, you have to face it and kick it in the ass. What scares the most is possible injuries, the lack of control and the ridicule. You don’t want other people to see you as a dizzy duck on wheels and laugh at you. Well, here are some tips to lose the fear of skates.

Wear Protection

To mitigate possible scratching on knees and elbows, it’s enough to wear long sleeves and jeans or cargo pants that aren’t too tight. Maybe you’ll eventually break them, but it won’t hurt so much, hey, better them than you, right? There are protectors for skating like those that are worn in hockey. If you are going to try to do jumps, a mouth or chin protector is also a good idea.

Take Control of The Skates

Confidence in the gear is vital, such as in your skills. In skating it is enough to know that you are not going to leave the wheels rolling and that the brake is where it should be. A problem in your skates is enough to fall and that is the cost of realizing that the skate was not fine, so take control, have some maintenance done and rest assured nothing wrong will happen.

Falling Down

Unexpected falls are very frightening. Nobody falls for pleasure and really almost all falls are a surprise, but some more than others. The typical surprise falls are caused by things like wiring in the ground, a sewer grate, an oil stain or a sudden impediment (cats, dogs, children).

What also bothers most is when you can’t get up. But nothing is gained from the fear of falling and even less before falling. Practice the falls, the braking, getting up with the impulse of the fall and practice your safety positions. A good basis is to have practiced some form of martial arts and having the reflexes of rolling down the shoulder when you fall backward.

Leave the Ego Out

Making a fool of themselves is something that terrifies most people. Although they don’t say it. Well, there is no choice but to remember that nobody is born knowing everything, let alone a certain learned skill such as skating. All those cracks you see out there started just like you.

Think about it and laugh it out whenever you do something rather barbaric, you’ll see that laughter becomes an accomplice. Imagine that you are the new comedy star and you will see how laughing at yourself is the best medicine and the secret ingredient for someone to run to your aid. This way you will avoid hurting your ego.


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