The problem with the first purchases is that we don’t usually have the necessary experience to know what we want or what we might like or need. There are two ways to address this lack of prior experience.

You can either rent or borrow some skates and try different types of skates or you can learn in a “theoretical” way by reading blogs and asking friends for info. But, to be completely honest, nothing is better than the first-hand experience, that is, try before buying.

Keep in mind that you can be testing forever, time passes by and people then end up doing nothing. First, separate information from tips. A clear idea of the new needs that a new hobby will require isn’t something that happens a lot, try to target the type of skating to practice or learn, but as we’re talking about roller derby, you have an advantage point there.

Naturally, our friends, teammates, and acquaintances will offer tips to buy skates from their own experience, which won’t necessarily match our own experience in the future. The fact that a friend is a fan of a certain skate brand or model doesn’t mean that we will like it too. Just like when we discover, by ourselves, what position we’d like to play.

Everyone has a way of doing things, and you need to discover yours. If we pay too much attention to the advice of others, we will end up buying the skates recommended by friends, and there’s a big chance, that those won’t be our perfect fit.

This doesn’t mean that the experiences and knowledge of others are worthless, but you should always separate what is information like “figure skates will not be as fast as speed skates” of opinions such as “buy these and you will see how well they race”.

That’s why the first thing we advise you to do is watch some videos with different styles. The most usual at the beginning is buy fitness skates to learn the basic techniques and acquire fluency. However, there are people who instinctively know what they want as soon as they see it. If so, why bother, buy the corresponding skate directly, let your gut guide you.

It’s always good to try something before buying it. In the case of skates, if it’s the first purchase, this will be very important to choose well. You can try skates in specialized stores or, if they do not exist in the place of your residence, try to find a friend that borrows you to try them.

The ideal time to try some skates is in the afternoon. The feet widen slightly in relation to the morning. The skate that does not tighten up in the evening or night will not hurt during the day either, so it’s something to bear in mind.

The stability and safety when skating are only achieved with a skate that fits the foot like a glove. But you should never squeeze until it hurts because when you squeeze a bit at the tiptoe will become a continuous pain when you skate for many hours.

There are some skates whose inner boot is a bit narrow when tested. If it is only narrow but does not tighten, the booty will yield a little over time. They will always be narrow, but they will not tighten up. What is essential is that the feet fit well at the entrance. After all, the inner boot of a pair of skates is a sneaker inside rigid support or a sports shoe attached to a guide.

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