Buying skating equipment entails a considerable amount of money, so it’s important to learn to take care of them and keep them in good condition. Not only for the present, everyday use, but also so that can get a bit of money once you decide to upgrade. Take the time to read through this advice on how to keep them in perfect condition with some maintenance and cleaning tips to keep in mind when getting down to work with the care of our skates:

The Boot

As the most important part of the skate, the boot should fit the foot perfectly and be a little stiff. Since it’s actually a leather shoe, it must be cleaned and nourished. While the strings can simply go to the washer, the ideal care for the boot it is to, once a week, clean it with a damp cloth and occasionally apply some shoe polish of the same color. In addition, once a year the small nuts that hold the skate to the boot (template) must be tightened. A little trick: once tightened apply a little bit of nail polish to keep them from moving.

The Wheels

Normally the inner wheels of both skates tend to wear faster than the outer ones. Therefore, it’s convenient to check them frequently and change the two wheels inside each skate to the outside to get similar wear. As a note, it’s more effective to make this change in X at least once every two months. The hardness index influences the grip on the curve, that is why we must choose the hardness of our wheels according to the type of track on which we’ll train.

The Brakes

Another fundamental element of the skate that, in the same way as the wheels, will be preferable from one material or another depending on the type of track in which it skates. Since it will wear unevenly, they must be rotated once in a while, so they wear out evenly and last a bit longer.

The Bearings

Dust and dirt often get inside the bearings causing them to wear more than normal. Bearings should NOT make noise because this means that they have wear problems or that the balls due to friction are getting smaller. Therefore, it is very important to have them cleaned and perfectly greased. This task is super laborious since it needs a bearing extractor machine so it’s better to take the skates to a specialized store.

However, for the handiest DIY fans, here are the simplified steps for cleaning bearings. First of all, remove the wheels. Remove the bearings, separators and dust covers, then put everything in a container with a solvent for at least 8 hours, after that, with a clean and dry cloth, clean each piece, apply a little consistent grease to the bearings and afterward use an extractor machine put each piece back on the wheel. Remember, in roller derby, we’re a big family, so if you have doubts regarding your skates or gear, you can talk to your coach or more experienced teammates, they can probably give you a lot of information and good advice on this matter.

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